Ibland behöver vi inte uttrycka saker exakt, det räcker med att berätta ungefärligt. Därför har vi tecknet "ungefär lika med": ≈ 



Each was visually and mechanically different from each other. This is known as  Ihagee: Exakta 66 (vertical) (1948) - 1953-1954. 120 film SLR camera. Newer model compared to the pre-war Exakta 66.

Exakta 66

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Thanks to the good people at Eastman Kodak Company's Digital & Film Imaging Systems I was able to re-test my lenses using a Contax 645 and Kodak Pro Back 645. Repair of Exakta 6x6, 2 1/4”, Single Lens Reflex Exakta 6x6 No. 602246 Access to Film Counter & Winding Mechanism For convenience remove the lens. The lens release is on the left side of the camera and just to the rear of the lens. Hold the button back and turn the lens counter clockwise.

Feb 3, 2015 - pre-war Exakta 66 with rare, near mint and fast Biotar 2/10cm no.2529149.

- Carl Zeiss Jena GDR 8614 MC Flektogon 4/50 Lens looks perfect but has a Exacta Sweden AB Bastubacken, Stenkvista 635 19 Eskilstuna. Växel: +46 (0) 16 13 70 00 Fax: +46 (0) 16 13 77 66.

Exakta 66

This group is for owners of the somewhat rare Exakta 66 Medium Format SLR camera. Please tag or add in the description what lens you used as well. Thanks!

Die Exakta 66 basiert technisch und optisch auf der Pentacon SIX des Kombinat VEB Pentacon in Dresden. Sie hat ein für Kleinbild-Spiegelreflexkameras typisches Gehäuse ohne Wechselmagazine und ein – ab dem Modell 2 erweitertes – Pentacon Six-Bajonett .

Exakta 66

100% Positive feedback. Save this … This camera is an Exakta 66 in very nice and working condition. No damage. Everything works properly. 3 lenses.
Lars frederiksen wife

Exakta 66

601002, with extension tubes, sold at the fifth auction, on 29 May 2004. The Ihagee page of Peter Lanczak's site features a picture and a repair manual for the vertical This group is for owners of the somewhat rare Exakta 66 Medium Format SLR camera. Please tag or add in the description what lens you used as well. Thanks!

The Exakta 66 was based on a Pentacon Six chassis manufactured in Dresden, and used the glass from pentaprisms produced by Carl Zeiss Jena for the Pentacon Six. Improvements/changes from the Pentacon Six were: The Exakta 66 is an SLR camera taking 6×6cm pictures on 120 or 220 film.

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The Exakta Real was produced for just two years and by 1968 was discontinued. In an effort to try and turn a profit, Ihagee West tried their hand at a few other cameras including their own version of the Exakta 66, a medium format SLR that used the Pentacon Six mount, and a few other models.

C $3,133.25. C $37.61 shipping. or Best Offer  Sep 25, 2019 Exakta 66 is free HD Wallpaper.

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only difference of EXAKTA 66 modell II to III is the implementation of a mirror lockup. The factory can add also add this mirror lockup in older EXAKTA 66 Mod II's. The costs are about 300-450 DM (170 US $)

The Quality of the Scheider(Kreuznach) lenses is absolutely super. Tests in Color-Foto (1992) showed, that they are even more contrasty

Lay the camera with the right side up and the rear to 2021-03-04 (+46) 016-13 77 66 (fax) mail@exacta-sweden.com. Om Exacta Sweden Vi vill vara en engagerad partner när det gäller projektering av bastuanläggningar, allt ifrån en litet ångbad eller basturum, upp till stora kompletta bastuanläggningar. Introduced in 1938, the Exakta 66 was a quality built 6x6 120 format SLR. It has a rather strange bottom mounted lever advance -- unique so far as I know for 6x6 SLRs. Shutter speeds ranged from 12 seconds to 1/1000th plus B. 2020-11-11 2017-02-21 The Exakta 66 is a single-lens reflex camera that shoots 6cm x 6cm photos on 120 film. The camera features a coated lens, a somewhat novel waist-level finder and a removable film back. The camera has no meter, which wasn't uncommon.


In the 2000s the Exakta 66 The Exakta 66 added a TTL metered prism coupled to the shutter speed dial on the camera body and the aperture ring on the lens. It does this by projecting slightly over the front of the camera, allowing a rotating cam on the specially designed Schneider lenses to tell it what aperture setting was selected. This group is for owners of the somewhat rare Exakta 66 Medium Format SLR camera. Please tag or add in the description what lens you used as well. Thanks!

Vi erbjuder utöver rena tryckeritjänster, såsom offset- digital- förpacknings- och storformatstryck, spetskompetenser inom alltifrån beslutsstöd inför kommande marknadsaktiviteter, till beställningsportaler, lagerhållning och distribution samt framtagning Die Exakta 66 ist eine Mittelformat-Spiegelreflexkamera der Exakta GmbH in Nürnberg.